Thursday, 31 March 2011

Lolita Lulu Dress

Whata lovely front!

Bustier topstitching details! = <3

Godzilla view =p

Pretty side :)

Sweet back view

Layers close up <3

What an OOH-LA-LA dress! This Lolita Lulu Dress is perfect for those who wants a pinch of lolita fashion yet still toned down to a perfect LittleBlackDress ;) This satin dress is layered beautifully with net fabric to give a slight ballerina appeal to the wearer (which is MY ULTIMATE FAVE FEATURE! ^^). Oh, and don't forget to wear a super high shiny patented black peep toe pumps to create a more model vogue appearance in you! ;)

Fits XS

Bust: stretches up to 30 inches/ 76.5cm
Length: 25 inches/ 64cm


RM 20 super steal!
Emerald Lady Dress

Elegant Front

Front chest bow close up

Elegant back

 Want something simple yet elegant for a dinner out with friends or a cocktail party? We have just the dress for you...the Emerald Lady Dress! What's more to say other than it exudes a quiet youthful elegance in a lady? ;)

Fits XS-S

Bust: 32 inches/ 81 cm
Length: 25 inches/ 63.5cm


RM 20 only!

Monday, 28 March 2011

Topsy Quirky Collection

SHOE-holic Tank Top

Front view

Lace on the chest ;)

Close up of the glittering heels! <3

Racer back!

OMG! Who wouldn't love to FLAUNT their obsession to the world? I definitely would love to! & which lady doesn't love her heels? It would be Armageddon if nobody does! So ladies, we're back with just the thing for people who is crazyyy about heels: the SHOE-holic Tank Top! For those almost drooling for this, we feel ya ;) With shimmering glitter on each and every little heels, it definitely would make simply anyone wearing this glowing with pride!
Fits XS-S

Length: 23 inches/ 58.5 cm

RM29 Sold to Erin :)

Sea Fairy Tank Top

Sea Fairy out of the water on the front

Close up on the black ribbon & pearls embellishments

Plain white back view

This Sea Fairy Tank Top oozes so much the beauty of femininity and nature. With such a delicate image of a female whimsical persona beholding a sea coral, it showcases the appreciation for our beautiful feminine features which the artist parallels it to the beauty of what our very own mother nature offers. With a simple black ribbon sewn to front, plus a few pearls for embellishments, it is a simple yet never understated piece of fashion ;)

 Fits XS-S

Length: 23 inches/ 58.5 cm


RM 10 only!


Front view

Close up of the front

Back view

Calling all Princesses out there (even self-proclaimed ones like myself =p )!. If what you've been daydreaming all this while is to wear all those flowy couture  beautiful pastel dresses, well at least grab yourself  this super sweet black Princess Tee with sewn embellishments of a pink dress & ribbons to quench your daily yearnings. One step closer to your dream at a time girls! ;)

Fits XS-M

Bust: 30 inches/ 76 cm


Friday, 25 March 2011

Watercolour Splash Little Black Dress

Sonia Rykiel Fall 2008

Prada SS11

It's colourful time! Yes, tis the season to bring back some colour into your life! Just like how Sonia Rykiel for their Fall 08 loves 'em & now Prada SS11 too! Now these palettes have been played around with for a couple of years on going to even Marc Jacobs & it seems that orange with a dose of purple and other eyepopping hues are here to stay. & I present to you a little black dress simply inspired from the latest trend of the moment... The Watercolour Splash LBD! ^^

The Lovely Front

...& Pretty Back!
Sweater like fabric on the chest
Stretchable tutu fabric in multi colour! <3

You can still grasp the trend yet not looking like a walking carrot with this youthful looking LBD. It's simple and demure but with spirited hues enough to make sleepy eyes awake to give you some attention ;) & the best part is, the skirt is layered with stretchable net fabric to give you enough comfort to wear during any occasion, esp special & formal ones.

Fits S- XL

Bust: up to 100 cm/ 39 inches
Length: up to 84 cm/ 33 inches (can be shortened with the adjustable strap)

RM59 Sold to Qiqish <3 !

p/s: only ONE available for that lucky fashionista! <3

Saturday, 19 March 2011

The Strangely Quirky Beautiful Collection

2 Piece Grunge Dress

In Candyfloss Pink!

 In Sky Blue!

 T-shirt Dress Underneath ;)

 The 2 Piece Grunge Dress comes with an absolutely comfy & stretchy t-shirt dress to be worn underneath, or like how I'd like to modify the famous bread company's tagline: "So good, you can even wear it on its own!", and the most eye catching component of this winning piece is the elegant, superbly flowy outer chiffon dress! This dress is what makes the ensemble beautiful because of the airy material yet quirky due to the pumpkin shape of it. It's so invitingly whimsically airy to the point of you wanting to swirl yourself around just to see the flowing effect ;) On each side of the dress, you could see the ruching effect that helps create the silhouette of a pumpkin. Coupled with the streetwear look of the t-shirt dress, this style personifies a quirky persona reminiscing a flashback during the Nirvana era of Grunge in this so called modern age. 

Available in candyfloss pink and sky blue.

Fits XS - M

Bust: up to 34 inches / 86.5 cm
Length: 39 inches / 99 cm

RM 50 

now @ RM 20 only!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

The Vacation Collection

Crinkled Safari Overalls

Front view

Front close up

Back view

Elastic back

Ever feel like you need a vacation overseas even at the start of the year? Well I certainly do! But even if you can't, why not do some self-fulfilling prophecy by owning this Crinkled Safari Overalls in faded pink? You could very well shop around your local mall in this and look as if you're a tourist ;) The thing I love most is the top stitching details on the overalls using brown thread, creating beautiful panelling patterns instead of being left blank. Plus, it has a removable front waist belt to create some body shape. The strap is adjustable too; just snap off the metal button and snap it back again to your preferred length! ^^

Fits XS-S
Bust: stretches up to 32.5 inches / 83 cm.
 Waist: 31 inches / 79 cm
Length: 38 inches / 96.5 cm


RM 20 only!

Bohemian Rhapsody Dress

Front of dress

Laced up front!

Back of dress

Elastic Back

This Bohemian Rhapsody tube dress is a must have! With such beautiful bohemian pattern detailings, an exquisite washed denim effect on the laced up front of dress, plus super stretchy comfortable fabric to boot, it is a super deal to buy! At least Nicole Richie would ;)

Fits XS - L

Bust: stretches up to 32 inches / 81.5 cm
Waist: 34 inches / 86.5 cm
Length: 41 inches / 104 cm

RM 30 Sold

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Xena Babydoll Dress

Black Collection
Front view

Mugshot =p

Back view

Elastic back

Skirt style!

Black sold to Qistina

White Collection
Front view

Close up view

Back view

Elastic back
Wear it like a skirt!

The first moment I saw these chiffon Xena Babydoll dresses, I was reminded of the popular series back then: Xena The Warrior Princess. Ring a bell anyone? It's basically an adventure series in the herculean ancient era where Amazon women ruled. The fact that the front of this babydoll dress has faux leather trimmings laced like a corset makes it look very much inspired from that timeline. However, the new age babydoll twist gives it a modern youthful punch in you!. Plus, it can be worn as a top or a skirt. Anything goes girls!

Fits XS-S
Bust: stretches up to 80 cm
Waist: stretches up to 74 cm
Length: 43 cm

RM 30

RM 20 only!

now @ RM 15 for the last piece to let go!!!


Available in white only