Monday, 25 April 2011

PopArt Junk Collection

 Marilyn Monroe Dress Set

Front view of pink!

Back view

Loose and comfortable!

FREE Yellow inner mini dress front view

FREE Yellow mini dress back view

Upside Down prints will keep people guessing!

Back view

Wear it loose!

FREE Green inner mini dress front side

FREE Green inner mini dress back side

Description: Chiffon loose top with Diva's cartooned prints. A very iconic piece I must say. Comes with  FREE 24 inches inner Mini Dress & a string belt ;)

Available in PINK & PEACH 

Fits XS- L (more fitting for L size)

Quality: 2 over 5 stars

RM 48 + FREE wooden necklace each!

RM 20 + FREE wooden necklace each!
Super Steal!!!   ALL SOLD

Cartoon Doodle Chiffon Shirt

BLACK front view

Lowered armhole

BLACK back view

 BEIGE front view

BEIGE back view

Pocket detailings...

Close up on awesome prints!

Description: A very cool & funky chiffon shirt for the quirky people out there! It comes with 2 pockets each.

Fits XS-S

Available in BLACK & BEIGE

Quality: 2 over 5 stars

RM 25 for BLACK Sold

RM20 for BEIGE  Sold to Honey :)
(because it has a small unnoticeable hole near the pocket)

Chiffon Loose Lapel outwear

Fashionise  it with a belt! ^^

Back view

Princess line on the back

 Description: The loose lapel allows a more flowy casual look from a jacket. Plus it gives you TWO looks: Full Navy outerwear or reverse the lapel to make the Peach coloured lapel turn out! ^^

Fits XS - S

 Quality: 3 over 5 stars

 RM 25 Sold Out!

Graphic Mini Dress with Pink Ruffles

Front view

Back view

Lovin' the prints! <3

Description: Deep Low V neck mini dress with pink ruffles around the armhole. Just wear it with a tank top for cover up and pair it with denim shorts for some spunk! ;)

Fits XS-S

Material: Jersey (Stretchable)

Quality: 2 over 5 stars


RM10  only!

Peach Shirt with Denim Pockets & Cuffs

Front view ;)

Close up to the pocket

Puff sleeve

Fashionise it!

Fits XS- S

Quality: 2 over 5 stars

RM20   Sold to Angel! ^^

2 Piece Grunge Dress Set - Stock Clearance!

Full front view in SKY BLUE!

Neckline close up

Side view of dress

Back view

FREE T-shirt dress for each set!

Laid back girl watching you graphics =p

Full front view in CANDYFLOSS PINK!

Neckline close up

Side view

Description: SALE! SALE! CLEARANCE STOCK SALE! Grab yourself this quirky dress set which comes with a t-shirt dress and a chiffon outerwear dress that adds a unique punch to this piece of tailored art! 

 Fits XS-M
Bust: up to 34 inches / 86.5 cm
Length: 39 inches / 99 cm

Quality: 4 over 5 stars! 


 now only RM20!

Grab yours now! ^^

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Restocking By Demand !!!

Picnic Date Dress

It's back! We are restocking the pretty yet simple Picnic Date Dress due to OTT overwhelming response from our customers! ^^ This low neck, cotton tier dress has a lining underneath and an elastic back for comfort. The straps are buttoned to the back for easy adjustments. Or make it as a halter neck as you please ;) So don't pass up the chance to get your hands on this staple wardrobe which will never fade under the rise and fall of future fashion trends.

(If it's too sexy, wear it with a cardi) ;)
Fits S-XL

Bust: XL size with bust up to 100 cm can fit comfortably.
Length: 51 inches


Sold to <3 :
Yng Fen 
More Available! Grab yours now while stocks lasts!^^ 


Saturday, 9 April 2011

The Posh Collection

The Red Dress

Ralph Lauren's Whitley Tartan Dress 2010

Our style inspired by Ralph Lauren <3

The "IT" red dress!

Sliced back design :)

Inverted pleat back for more upper body comfort & space! ^^

Pleated skirt close up

Too red & too much plaid you say? Well Ralph Lauren certainly thought otherwise! However you don't need to burn a hole in your wallet to get that style. Just wear our Red Dress and accessorize it with a shot of red plaid shawl! This chiffon dress with lining has a pleated skirt to give just a hint of detailings. But the surprise it at the back rather than the front; THE SLICED BACK DESIGN. It adds a touch of unique on your ensemble plus giving you more room & comfort for your upper body ;) & for a more expensive yet fashion forward look, wear a one-of-a-kind STYLE PUNCHING BLACK BELT! Complete the Lauren's diva in you with sky high black patented peep toe pumps and a simple ultra black envelope clutch. TRUST ME ;)

Fits XS-small size M

Bust: up to 36 inches/ 91.5 cm
Waist: up to 30 inches/  76 cm
Length: 44 inches/ 112 cm (the style is meant to hang on the lower calves)

RM85  Sold to Rachel <3

 "The Belt" with Tassels
A picture speaks a thousand or more words about this BELT.

Really, a picture speaks a thousand or more words. Here you are, "The Belt" of the moment. 

RM40 Sold to Faten ;)

The Leo Dress

The Leo Dress fashionised!

Front view

Sexy back

Pleated detailings

There's always a WILD side in every woman. It's only a matter of time for her to realize it. So for the others who are not shy to admit it, here's the Leo Dress for you! Made from chiffon fabric, it is meant for a more relaxed style yet still unshyly daring =D The skirt's pleated dress has a lining to keep away those peeping Toms yet the upper body allows you to hint your black lace brassieres underneath. If not, just put on a black cardigan won't you? Pair it with ultra shiny black patented accessories and you're good to go straight in the fashion magazine spread ;)

Fits XS-XL

Bust: 43 inches/ 100 cm
Waist: 33 inches/ 84cm
                   Length: 44 inches/ 112 cm (the style is meant to hang on the lower calves)

RM75   Sold to Miss Hafiza